Building and Construction

Gani2 have a long history of successful application of interlocking Paving Stones on residential and commercial projects in Lagos Nigeria. They are commonly used in driveways, walkways pavements, pool decks and patios.


We manufacture different shapes, sizes textures, patterns, designs and colours.
These stones are offered in baseline colour composition. Customized are available. We use both traditional and contemporary Paving Stone products to suite any architectural style of home.


The range of our Paving Stone thickness varies depending on the shape and design. Our 8cm paving stones are designed for heavy traffic, 6cm for light traffic while 4cm are for walkways.


Our landscape experts can completely transform your house into a dream home by installing our paving stones on your driveways, walkways, pool decks or patios. Availability of a range or designs, shapes, patterns and customized colour ensure that we can satisfy your taste.


To help understand the great benefits of using our Paving Stones, we have listed below some of the benefits of us paving. These are the reasons why countless others have come to rely on our top notch works and service for that your project.



We guarantee many advantages that no other Paving surface can match. Our Paving Stones comes with 25years warranty against breaking and cracking.



GANI2 Int’l Company Ltd Interlocking /Paving Stones are non-slip, non-skid and guaranteed to endure even the harshest conditions from shifting soil to extreme hot or cold temperature; without cracking or crumbling.



All Gani2 Paving Stones are manufactured to meet SON (Standard Organization of Nigeria) and EU standards. Compressive strength of above 32/33N/mm. Our stones are stronger than asphalt.



Our Paving Stones uniformly sized allowing for a perfect straight lines and a completely flat surface. This is one of those unique benefits our customers crave for.



All Gani2 Paving Stones are coloured with a variety of imported oxide which reduces fading and keeps the surface looking brand new for many years to come, including customized colurs.

Block /Paving Stones

Paving Stones is a very adaptable material and can be used for a variety of projects. It is excellent for driveways, parking areas and rear garden, patios. It is also suitable for creating designs, intricate patterns, winding pathways, and steps. There are many designs that can be incorporated into your project, including design Hexagon, Double T Star, Diamond Star, I-Type, Zenith 9inches and 6inches Blocks to name but a few. We can produce designs to suit your driveway, garden or patio.


The benefits of Paving Stones

  • Easy to maintain
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Long-team investment
  • Durability
  • Extensive range of colours and designs to choose from



We excavate our driveways to a minimum depth of 200mm ensuring all debris is removed from site. The excavated area is then based out using 110mm of Base core and consolidated with a Big Roller/Compacting Machine. 30/40mm of sharp sand is then laid, leveled, compacted and screeded to the required level to form the bedding layer.


We then paved on this bedding layer and all edging blocks on a bed of sharp sand and cement or cutting to prevent future movement. Finally we consolidate once more sweeping clean dried sand between joints.



Our Compound works are excavated to the same specifications as our driveways. We then base out the exposed area with base Core depending on ground conditions and consolidate with a wacker plate.



We specialize in all types of Blocks, Paving Stone, Kerbs and hard landscaping also:

  • Interlocking
  • Fencing
  • Sealing & Cleaning of Driveways/compounds.